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Thanks Lilly for putting this together.  You are on my mind every day, what a treat for me.  Every morning I have fond memories running through my head of our Excursion.  I wish it could have gone on and on, alas I digress. I speak of you all fondly to my co-workers and smile at the names I have bestowed upon you:
Lilly Mae Belle Mary Beth
Jet (yes my dear Jill finally got your new name, Jet fuel, up on life with a full tank of Avgas)
I went on this trip hoping to spend quality time and to get reconnected with my best friend and sister, Jaye. Spectacular results all around.  What a treat with treasurable moments we had.  Cooking, sailing, game playing, talking, walking, golfing,  connecting. And what to my wondrous eyes did I see?  Six more girl friends to share with, laugh with, play with, hug with, listen with, feel with and ultimately to love with. I can't thank you all enough for giving me so much of you. God Bless you and keep you safe always.
A little Emily D for my girl friends:
At last, to be identified!
At last, the lamps upon thy side
The rest of Life to see!
Past Midnight! Past the Morning Star! Past Sunrise!
Ah, What leagues there were
Between our feet, and Day!
Wharton, keep your eye on the dog star!
Love You!
Ahoy Wenches!    
Everyday I get to boast (share) about how fantastic the sail was for each and everyone.  My intention was to personally get some rest and appreciate each of you.  You might not have known, but several times in the week (perhaps during dominos) I gave thanks to the Greater for your courage to grow and love and consider that life is what you make it.  My heart feels bigger from the sail.  Energetically it really is, I know this to be true.
The hand has no strength, but what I give it.
I am loved by loving myself
Boundaries are healthy
Change is necessary to grow and I can do it
Leading by example is such a blessing
Laugh at yourself first
I'm not perfect and it is good
Love to each of you...Jill

I have been sailing for over 30 years and half of that as a licensed Captain. I've sailed on hundreds of trips with folks as the Captain but nothing stands out more than all of the trips that I have taken with Jill and Loree on board. The combination of personalities on board this last boat made the mood conducive to an unforgettable trip.
Nothing could break our spirit, not even bad weather, smelly toilets or running out of margarita mix, we were invincible. Its funny what stands out on certain trips but on this trip every day was an outstanding day, one right after another with every minute of every day getting better and better, laughing harder and louder every minute of the day.
Even the weather got better by the minute. Hell, we even got asked to sing with the choir our first day on the island. Was it MAGIC ? Did some water spirit cast a spell over our boat? I think was the camaraderie of woman onboard, never was the coffee pot empty, the dishes dirty, anyone unfed or was anyone ever asked to do anything they didn’t want to. When this group knew a task was at hand we just did it !!! I recall a captain on shore telling me we would have a hard time raising the sail because of its size but once we put our heads together we got it raised and laughed at it while spitting into the wind!! All the negative demons were left on the dock, we were sought out at anchorages and on land, and people wanted to know how we did it and wanted to hang with us, take our pictures and keep in touch with us.
Most importantly to me I was able to spend time with my sister Jeanne who I love and adore, my only regret was that my other sisters Nausea and Claire were not able to be with us at that time. Next time girls!!
Remember, ladies rule, guys drool………………….Love, Peace, Microdot
Hello Ladies!
As a never before sailor of a sailboat, I encompassed tasks that I didn't know I could do.  Eight women sailed a 46 ft. Catamaran without the help of any man. After months of caretaker, babysitter, homemaker, the relaxation and friendship was awesome and welcomed.  I left feeling most relaxed, less stressed, and a warm spot in my heart for all my fellow wenches.
I had a wonderful relaxing time and it was great getting to know all of you.
Happy New Year to all of you!!!
WOW! Women on Water!
This trip morphed into much more than I could ever imagine. My intention for this trip was to help others find peace and their own inner strength. It exceeded all that I could have hoped for and gave me deeper insight into myself.
I was able to get to know friends I had never spent much time with in a much deeper light. I was able to spend time with my mom in a different space. I was blessed with new friendships and I had a chance to grow old friendships.
I was able to “let go” and let others do things I usually do! Thanks for being such a great group of women! You all have such a special place in my heart. It warms me to my core when I think of our time.
Peace and blessings to you all!
Loree (a.k.a. Lilly Mae Bell)
Jill and Loree – Thanks so much for the sail- I don’t remember when I have had so much fun – an experience for memories to last a life time.
It was so nice to relax and not have to do anything but what I wanted to. The boat was wonderful and the people were even better. Making new friends, laughing, playing dominos…even getting dumped!
I Love all your girls…lets go again this year!
God blessed us all…
Have a wonderful year,

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