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We have our deposit for the Capt. Stacy for the 2024 KWLA fishing tournament!

Once again, we will have 30 caregivers and cancer survivors fishing the tournament! Let's catch some fish ladies!                                       

Again, thank you Big Rock Foundation for our 2nd $10,000 grant to make this possible for 30 beautiful people! 






WOW! It's hard to believe we just completed our 5th sailing from our Delta Wholeness Wheel! Once again, it was such an AMAZING Week in the British Virgin Islands!  We had our caregivers group along with residents from Atrium Health Care. Each day was filled with different experiences.  We had our morning yoga/meditation, auricular acupressure, reflexology, EFT Taping (Emotional Freedom Technique) and our morning Wisdom Quotes.

We had wonderful meals prepared with the loving hands of Beth and Pam. They always had a smile and made sure all of our needs were met! We had great conversations, with lots of laughter. We studied, we shared and we learned by EXPERIENCE! Thank you all for the memories and making our 5th sail a wonderful memory!



Thank you Big Rock Foundation for all you do for Carteret County! And a big thank you for your $10,000.00 donation to Delta Health!



Delta Health Foundation, with the help from the Big Rock Foundation's $10,000 grant was able to once again, give 30 cancer survivors and caregivers the opportunity to fish the KWLA Tournament. Even though we did not win the tournament, we had wonderful time with these awesome ladies and took home the most spirit award at the Friday night event! Thanks to everyone who made this possible!!!  Looking forward to 2024!!!   



We just put down our deposit for the Capt. Stacy for the 2023 KWLA fishing tournament!

Once again, we will have 30 caregivers and cancer survivors fishing the tournament! Last year was great and I know this year will be just as awesome!                                           

Again, thank you Big Rock Foundation for the $10,000 grant! 

It will help make this dream come true for 30 wonderful women!








4th Delta Wholeness Sail January 2023!

WOW! It's hard to beleive we just completed our 4th sailing from our Delta Wholeness Wheel! Once again, it was such an AMAZING Week! January 7 - 13, 2023 we finally made it to the British Virgin Islands!  We had our caregivers group along with residents from Atrium Health Care. Each day was filled with different experiences.  We had our morning yoga/meditation, auricular acupressure, reflexology, EFT Taping (Emotional Freedom Technique) and our morning Wisdom Quotes.

This year we had the sailing vessel "Current Venture". Our Capt. Shaka kept us safe while we sailed, snorkeled and explored all the BVI's had to offer! We had wonderful meals prepared with the loving hands of 'Slim'. She always had a smile and made sure we were well taken care of! We had great conversations, with lots of laughter. We studied, we shared and we learned by EXPERIENCE! Thank you all for the memories and making our 4th sail a wonderful memory!


We could not be more thankful for the opportunity to unplug and unwind on the Delta Wellness 2023 trip. Going on this trip provided us an opportunity to reflect as well as advance our understanding of strategies to better approach our wellness. We could not be more appreciative the Delta Wellness team for having offered this truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Since returning, my wife and I have noticed a fresh perspective on our environment, relationships, and wellness overall. We again want to thank the entire Delta Wellness team for putting together this wonderful trip! - Ryan & Stacy

There are no wrong things to say about a week long stay in one of the most beautiful places on earth.  Throw in some of the best people and you are set for a lifetime adventure. This was our week with Delta Wellness in Tortula BVI. Beginning each morning with our quote of the day that invoked insight into oneself and our boatmates to snorkeling in clear beautiful waters, it was manna for the soul. Wonderfully prepared meals and a caring and knowledgeable crew made each day for us. Dr. Hendra gave us permission to enjoy the cruise on our own terms; with our loved one. The trip allowed us to explore more of the wellness wheel and expand our knowledge of our needs. The time was needed and we believe, well spent.  Laughter abounded every day due to the diversity of the crew and shipmates. Helping hands were always available when needed. We were blessed with the kindness and caring shown. Thanks to Jill, Loree, and the rest of the crew for an unforgettable time… Julia and Beth 

My heart is full of immense gratitude to the Delta Health foundation for this years sailing trip to the British Virgin Islands.  Although I have traveled extensively in the past, this was my first ever experience visiting the BVI's as well as spending 6 glorious days and nights on a sailing catamaran at sea.  I was captivated by the natural beauty all around me and spiritually elevated by the others on the sail.  What a privilege it was to be given the gift of a week in paradise to spend just relaxing, talking, feeling, laughing, learning, and being more present in the moment than I remember being for a long time.  I returned home with a peace inside myself that I had forgotten I had.  My soul has been nurtured and tended to.  I have returned to my life and work with a renewed energy and commitment to better self care going forward….Penny

The 2023 BVI sailing trip was truly a once in a lifetime experience. I am forever grateful that I was selected to take part in this wellness journey. Not only was snorkeling on difference reefs, my first experience sailing, exploring The Baths and various land features unique, it was the people and the overall atmosphere that I will take away from this trip. Learning to slow down, unwind and focus on what really matters was a much-needed and rejuvenating journey. The skills and profound conversations we took part in along the trip have stayed with me- and will continue to be implemented in my life moving forward. Again, I cannot express my joy and gratitude that I have for being included in this experience. Thank you so much Delta Wellness ❤️☀️…Meghan 


We are so excited to be fishing in the KWLA, Big Rock Tournament on June 11, 2022! We have chartered the Capt Stacy fishing boat out of Atlantic Beach, NC! It is not your 'traditional' tournament boat however it will allow 35 women who may not ever have the chance to fish in the tournament! We will have 12 survivors/caregivers and 3 staff members from Carteret Hospital Cancer Center as well as 15 caregivers from the local Crystal Coast area! 



WOW! It's hard to beleive we just completed our 3rd sailing from our Delta Wholeness Wheel! It once again was an truly an AMAZING Week! January 8 - 15, 2022 we once again were in the USVI on the sailing vessel 'Sea Esta'. We had our caregivers group along with residents from Atrium Health Care. Each day was filled with different experiences.  We had our morning yoga/meditation, auricular acupressure, reflexology, EFT Taping (Emotional Freedom Technique) and our morning Wisdom Quotes.

Capt. Brad kept us safe while we sailed, snorkeled, hiked and went paddleboarding. And what can I say about Chef Kristi except She was amazing! She is such a tallented chef and made sure all of our needs were taken care of even without asking! We had great conversations, and lots of laughter. We studied, we shared and we learned by EXPERIENCE! Thank you all for the memories and making our third sail a wonderful memory!



Comments about the sail:

The sail with Delta Health Foundation was unlike any experience that I have ever had before! Loree and Dr. Hendra are two of the most wonderful and caring people that I have ever met. I greatly enjoyed spending time with them and practicing some new techniques that I had not tried before. I especially enjoyed the ear seeds, meditation, EFT, and Yoga Nidra, which is something that I had not heard of before. I have been using these techniques since my return and found that they are very helpful to me in managing my anxiety, which is a very hard thing for me to do! - I cannot believe that I was able to be a part of this amazing experience. Everyone on the sail was so kind and supportive to one another. We had such a great time together! I loved being able to snorkel and see the sea turtles, sting rays, and lots of other fish in the most beautiful water that I have ever seen. I’m truly blessed to be able to experience this opportunity, and I cannot thank you enough for having me! - Amber 

I feel so grateful to have been given the opportunity to go on the wholeness sail a second time.  My caregiving for my dad came to an end at the end of December 2021 and because another class member was unable to go, Jill and Loree graciously provided me with the opportunity to join them on the 2022 sail.  It was an amazing trip just like last year…the people were wholesome, caring and supportive, the food was amazing and plentiful and the environment was just what I needed to take a breath, start the healing process from the loss of my dad…and to redirect the focus back on myself.  Jill and Loree continue to amaze me with their efforts to educate people on wellness and self-care and on their relentless efforts to provide opportunities such as this wholeness sail to people like myself.   I feel so very blessed to have been given this opportunity a second time and that our paths have crossed! - Robin 

I’m starting with a Thank You to the friends who encouraged me to get involved with the Delta Wholeness experience.  I have never really been involved with meditation, yoga, etc.  I was always too busy or “that’s not me”.  As I took the Wheel classes, did the reading & listened to Jill, I began to realize that I needed to start taking better care of me.  Since I retired at the end of 2018 I thought my stress level would go down, but as it turned out becoming my 93 year old Mom’s caregiver was just as stressful.  I just didn’t have time for me & that added more stress!  The steps of the Wholeness Wheel slowly taught me that time for me doesn’t have to be hours, it can be a few minutes here and there for meditation, stretching, eating better, a nap when needed, etc.  The daily routine of the Sail and the quality of the food & environment were so relaxing & first-class!  It showed me how to better use the lessons learned on the Wheel. ❤- Cindy

Thank you to Delta for an absolutely wonderful week of sailing, swimming, hiking, friendship, meditation, and healing for our sail in the US Virgin Islands.  My goal for the week was to spend time winding down to be able to better process my decision to retire and what my future may look like.  This group and this sail helped me find Peace with that decision.  The yoga and meditations in the mornings along with our swims with the turtles and beautiful hikes in the forests of St Johns were so wonderful and allowed me the time to reflect and be at Peace.   Thank you to all of our group who made this journey so very special!

I want to share 2 sayings that I will carry with me as I finish up my current job and then head into my volunteer work for when I retire.  The first is a quote from Alice Walker that I drew from the wisdom bag one morning that spoke directly to me = “Look closely at the present you are constructing - it should look like the future you are dreaming”.  And the second quote is from a plaque on the boat from Brad & Kristi = “Today I will be happier than a seagull with a French fry!”. - Pam

Thank you Jill & Loree!!

The sail was an experience of a lifetime. As a resident physician, my schedule is normally pretty hectic and I often come home from work exhausted and find it difficult to do even basic tasks. This sail provided a calm, therapeutic environment and the time for me to really understand what it is I struggle with.  It reminded me of the importance of self care. I found serenity within myself and explored various techniques, such as meditation and Yoga Nidra, that were very calming and helped to ground myself.
Dr. Hendra and Loree have developed a life changing experience!! They have a passion to help others empower themselves and they continue to accomplish that vision. I enjoyed spending time with the other group members on this sail - Pam, Cindy, Robin, Amber, and Matt, who were all so kind, supportive, and gave me some great advice! They are friends for a lifetime. I am especially thankful they didn't let me drown while snorkeling because I can't swim! 
And definitely the crew, Brad and Kristi, who are just remarkable individuals and I speak for all of us when saying how grateful we are to have crossed paths with them. - Shilpa


Once again...all I can say is what an AMAZING Week! We had our 2nd Delta Wholeness Sail January 14 - 21, 2021 in the US Virgin Islands. We must have had divine guidance to be able to have traveled safely in the time of Covid. We are truly blessed. We had 2 groups this past year work our Delta Wholeness Wheel. Our Caregivers and APP's from Atrium Health Care. Each day was filled with different experiences.  We had our morning yoga/meditation, auricular acupressure, reflexology, EFT Taping (Emotional Freedom Technique) and our morning Wisdom Quotes.

Capt. Richard kept us safe while we sailed, snorkeled, kayaked, hiked and went paddleboarding. Chef Christina keep us well fed.   We had great conversations, and lots of laughter. We studied, we shared and we learned by EXPERIENCE! Thank you all for the memories and making our second sail fabulous!


The sailing trip with Delta Wellness was an experience unlike anything I had done before. Being on the boat allows the opportunity to disconnect from the chaos of the world and focus on learning and practicing skills to support wellness. Over the course of the trip, we explored acupressure, reflexology, EFT, and meditation. I especially enjoyed starting the day with meditation and yoga. In the afternoons we had the opportunity to snorkel, hike, paddleboard, and swim. We saw dolphins, turtles, stingrays, and so many fish. Being surrounded by so much natural beauty in and of itself brought a serene and almost spiritual component to the trip. As I return back to the stressors at home and work, I like to recall the calmness I felt while on the trip and use the practices I learned to find a little more calm in daily life.

Awesome” is the first word that comes to mind when I reminisce about the trip with Delta Health!!
Each day from the time we woke up until we retired for the evening our days were filled with yoga, meditation, wisdom quotes, sailing,
snorkeling, amazing meals freshly prepared, lots of fun and knowledgeable conversations.
When I returned home, both my mind and my body never felt so cleansed!
Dr. Jill, Loree Long, Captain Richard, Christine and the sail on the Caribbean were all quite a blessing at this time in my life!!
Thank you all for this lifetime experience!!
Love to All,  Jan

Jill and Loree! 
This was a wonderful experience from beginning to end! The most relaxing, stress-free, peaceful and fun filled trip I have ever taken!
We learned new techniques to add to our “self-care” toolbox.  Some of us took on new challenges- paddle boarding, snorkeling, yoga.  Some of us faced old challenges to overcome fears of drowning and claustrophobia. 
We relished in our time together as well as our time with our own thoughts! I truly felt as if my body and mind were cleansed by the warmth of the sun, the breath of the wind and the beauty of the sea! Thank you, Jill and Loree for this most incredible opportunity!
Peace and Love! Pam

I am a true believer that “we are our experiences” and that “things happen for a reason and in their own timeframe”.  In 2005, although I was having a very successful IT career, I went to school to get my Massage Therapy license.  That personal journey allowed me to fulfill a desire to help people and to make a  difference in the lives of others.  As part of that journey, I also started to learn about the importance of self-care and was introduced to things like meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, etc.   Fast forward 15 years and it feels like I’ve come full circle.  For the last 6 years, Lori and I have been caregiving for family members and unfortunately, I had lost focus on some important aspects of taking time for and taking care of myself.  Taking the Delta Wholeness Wheel, Care for the Caregiver class was just what I needed to help me recapture the proper focus on self-care.   The dynamic duo team, Jill and Loree, did an awesome job providing literature about and presenting the 9 topics of wellness.  But then….  Wow! my wildest dreams, I never thought that I would experience anything like sailing the Virgin Islands, let alone, to do it with such amazing individuals.  Again, Jill and Loree provided the perfect atmosphere and tools to allow me to refocus on self-care – clear blue Caribbean waters, beautiful sunrises, sunsets and rainbows,  yoga, meditation, daily wisdom quotes, new tools (ear seeds, EFT and reflexology)…and an abundance of amazing love and laughter…and let’s not forget our wonderful Captain Richard and his mate and chef, Christina, whose energies were over the top…together they performed a well-rehearsed dance with perfection.   I cannot adequately express my gratitude for such an awesome opportunity…one which I probably would never have experienced without the gracious and giving hearts of Jill and Loree.  To other caregivers who have this once in a lifetime opportunity, I would sincerely recommend that you take advantage of it…you won’t be sorry.
Love, hugs and utmost gratitude to both Jill and Loree.  
Namaste. Robin

I want to take a moment to reflect on my mental growth during the Delta Wholeness sail- 2021.  There were many firsts for me.  This was the first time I have ever sailed, snorkeled, tried yoga, ear seeds, learned about EFTs, plus other self-care techniques.  I experienced new foods and met new people.  I stepped out of my “safe box” and felt free of judgment as I tried new things.  Snorkeling was tough for me.  I don’t like to be in water over my head or have water in my ears, but one of my “new friends” gave me earplugs and others encouraged me and made sure I felt safe in the water.  Because of this, I had the most amazing experience of actually getting to see underwater.   And then to see all the fish, sponges, sea urchins and coral that I talked about in the classroom (a former Biology teacher), this was truly awesome. 

Earlier, I mentioned the self-care techniques.  I found these to be very useful because I am not good with taking time for myself.  Jill and Loree taught us techniques that can easily be done in a short period of time in my home.  The techniques worked to calm my stress/anxiety level.  I was able to use them in the water and they worked perfectly to relieve my anxiety.  I really appreciated the lessons we learned in our mornings together.  This was a trip of a lifetime.  And the lessons I learned will stay with me forever.   Thank you, Jill and Loree for sharing your love and your passion.  And thank you for giving us this amazing opportunity.    
-Lori Treiber



 We had an AMAZING first Delta Wholeness Sail! December 10 - 17, 2019. 

What an amazing group of young women! Bryanna was this years winner from Atrium HealthCare's Fellows Training Program. She invited 3 of her friends to join us. By the end of the week we felt like family!

Our days were filled with morning yoga, meditation, auricular acupressure, reflexology, EFT Taping (Emotional Freedom Technique) and one of the favorites...The morning Wisdom Quotes! We would each draw a quote for the day, then have discussion about the meaning. 

We sailed, snorkeled, kayaked and went paddleboarding. Had lots of good meals, and great conversations. Thank you ladies for all the memories and making our first sail wonderful!


Comments about the sail! 


My experience on the Delta Health sail was quite difficult to put into words. While communication regarding overall planning was impeccable, I still didn’t know quite what to expect from the journey. I had the blessing of being able to bring two of my dearest friends, but left with a family. It was of the most introspective, transformative and inspirational trips of my life. As a “caregiver” I often find myself slacking when it comes to my own self care. Being able to actually practice what I preach and really notice the difference that even the smallest change made in my mood, energy, outlook and ability to give AND receive love and support, was truly life changing. I can’t thank Dr. Jill, Mama Long and Captain Auntie Jaye enough for this opportunity. One of my favorite parts was our “Wisdom Quotes of the Day” and you know that famous Gandhi quote about “being the change you wish to see in the world”? Well, Delta Health is a living example of just that...everyday. So much love for you all. Thank you for an experience of a lifetime, and sharing all of your wisdom, love and compassion. Sincerely, Bryanna

The trip with Delta Health was one that I will be reflecting upon for a very long time.  Not only was the opportunity to live on a boat for a week and sail through beautiful caribbean waters phenomenal, but also to learn, practice, and live wellness among a group of amazing souls.  The energy of the crew was contagious and truly made the experience.  I loved sharing community meals, reflecting on wisdom quotes at sunrise with a cup of coffee, and laughing…continuous laughter.  I left this trip with overwhelming gratitude and feel re-energized to implement a wellness thread throughout my daily life.

I wanted to let you and Dr. Hendra know! I did an energy healing session yesterday and used EFT - was incredible!

Miss you all! Take care, L


We had a last-minute cancelation and Kellie was able to join us.... Wow! Thanks Kellie...I am so glad you were able to come on the sail! It is great reliving memories of the Delta Wholeness Sail! Big love, peace and blessings to you!

Delta Health was my greatest blessing of 2019. I was a last minute addition to the journey... I'm talking a Sunday night flight purchase, Monday after work packing session, Tuesday you're in the air type last minute addition! I am the kind of person who likes to study the "suggested items to pack" list, or memorize the agenda/timeline, as well as any other detail shared prior to a trip. Since I signed up on a whim, I couldn't do any of that and had trust that the opportunity would unfold organically. The trip did in fact unfold organically and it felt as if I were always a part of the list of expected attendees. The crew quickly went from kind hosts to close mentors and friends. We experienced delicious meals, endless laughs, constant adventure, and pure beauty of the open ocean and sky. From the sunsets, the full moon, and shooting stars, to the sunrises and crystal blue waters... it felt like the universe had been our personal travel agent - planning the perfect weather day in and out. We kayaked in the Exuma Cays, we meditated at the front of the catamaran, we slipped into early slumbers practicing Yoga Nidra, and shared stories of our lives. I left this experience feeling inspired and arrived home a better person, more compassionate and gentle with myself. This trip came at a time in my life when I needed it most. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have joined, to have met these women, and for the lessons and memories I am left with. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

So much love for you, Loree! XO!!





 Delta has a new Wellness Education Initiative!

“Delta Wholeness Wheel”

Contact Loree Long for more info

704-560-0633 -

In partnership with Fishing for a Cure, Emerald Isle NC, we were scheduled October 2018 to launch our Delta Wholeness Wheel Experience. Due to Hurricane Florence, we had to delay until October 2019.

We were sad about the delay however, in the meantime, Dr. Hendra was asked to provide a wellness component to Atrium HealthCare’s Psychiatry Residency Training Program. We agreed the Delta Wholeness Wheel would be a great way to teach the students and continue our Wheel Experience! This is a brief description of how it works.

This experience is paced education modules with individual & group process and mostly unstructured because life is that way

We suggest that you journal for 10 minutes each morning, before or after you ‘sit’ for 10 minutes

On the Wholeness Tab of this website there is an audio introduction to the ‘wheel’.  You can check this out to see the components of the wheel

This experience is de-constructed to allow focus on 9 important aspects of healthy behavior Sleep…Eat…Think…Move…Breathe…Body Care…Environment…Social…Priorities

6 people will meet by video conference at the start of each module for about one hour

During your 3 weeks of study with each module; we are available for direction/explanation by phone

Your group will meet by video conference at the close of each module for about one hour

After completion of the modules, there will be a drawing or selection process for 2 people to practice a “Well Week” sailing with a partner/spouse/support person



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