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Posted on Monday, December 22 @ 08:21:08 EST by dhf

Posts from Jill

Starting on the Winter Solstice , Jill shares her thoughts for recovery

I will be adding to the blog by the month.

Sunday 31 May 09...Make a list of your annual needs for your house, car/boat/plane to get organized and stop worrying. Insurance (medical ins. only for emergencies) pest inspection, clean chimney, review budget, maintain furnace and cooling - got to consumers reports for helpful check lists. Spread these duties out over the year on a calendar so that you can pace yourself.

Saturday 30 May 09...1 year today since my mothers death. We miss you. Today is in memory and honor of Dorothy Hendra.

Friday 29 May 09...Annually take a mind - body - spirit inventory and rate how you are doing with your life (we have a scale on this website) Share it with your partner or best friend and get their feedback. Make an action plan to improve one thing after your inventory.

Thursday 16 Apr 09...I am thankful for the power to love - for love, when it is felt in the core of our heart: brings all hope of acceptance, community and joy.

Wednesday 15 Apr 09...I am thankful for freedom or choice to believe what we choose. It allows growth and there by, perspective throughout life's transitions.

Tuesday 14 Apr 09...I am thankful for honesty - being true to yourself first and unfold the trust toward your loved ones. Love bridges will grow with honest foundations. Give up the quick sand of deceit.

Monday 13 Apr 09...Let's begin anew with appreciating what we cannot take with us. Would it be good to inventory all of what we have that is not material? I'll share my list tomorrow.

Easter Sunday 12 Apr 09...I give thanks for the Golden Rule - (taught by most religions) If we can only place ourselves in others shoes and do what would really be helpful to them. We need to understand and love ourselves first

Saturday 11 Apr 09...Good Friday always makes me remember the wisdom in renewal. There often must be death and giving up before there can be life and renewal. Have faith in the cycle of life.

Good Friday 10 Apr 09...If you are in mid-life it is now the time to change so that your elder years will be pleasant and productive. You cannot wait any longer. Stand tall, stay flexible, feel grateful, image a peaceful retirement- surround yourself with people of like minds and this transition will go smoothly.

Thursday 09 Apr 09...I like that each day/month/year we can choose to start anew. If you swear - you can stop. If you judge - you can stop. Our brains are growing/changing and allow the creation of newer thought processes. Often, people will try and change the outside - but find that the outside is a result of the inside stuff. Worry lines just return.

Wednesday 08 Apr 09...Life transitions - Child to adult - adult to senior...all are challenging. They give us the opportunity to honor the past and experience a new level of life. Who would want to remain 12 years old anyway? I think life just keeps getting better. Be kind to yourself.

Tuesday 07 Apr 09...Your genetics will be expressed dependent on your environment. The more balanced and healthy your surroundings, the better chance your healthy genetic code will prevail. (Example: I carry a family gene for diabetes - but I keep my weight normal and exercise - no diabetes yet! Thank God.)

Monday 06 Apr 09...Think about your genetics from you bio mom & dad. Know your heritage and honor the positive. You can change the less desirables by repeatedly practicing what you want to be. It will become your "default" program.

Sunday 05 Apr 09...Now plan a time line to sequentially manage these stressors - this will be as your deem necessary - maybe once a month or 6 months. It will not be perfect but get working on it.

Saturday 04 Apr 09...Discuss your stressors and plan with your loved one or closest support person - you need group energy to effect the best change - they will also benefit from your growth. If they do not support you - they are stressors too.

Friday 03 Apr 09...Make a plan to action each problem (also stop doing what you don't want to do or don't need to do.) You will search your ethical value at this point. (you clarified these in January - remember?)

Thursday 02 Apr 09...Next - take your list and prioritize it. Which can be easily addressed and/or which if not addressed will go wild and get worse quickly?

Wednesday 01 Apr 09...Next - identify the sources of stress - please write them down. - Family obligations - Finances - Low self concept - etc.

Tuesday 31 Mar 09...Let's manage our stress - if you are engaged in life - you have stress; so do something about it. Stress is a blessing; it says that you are fully present with life and probably loved and needed. So first we re-frame the "problem" Stress is good - too much is bad.

Monday 30 Mar 09...Today is my father's birthday. Good nutrition has helped him to live to be a healthy 96! Happy birthday Dad.

Sunday 29 Mar 09...Each day we have choices...are you choosing wisely?

Saturday 28 Mar 09...Share food consumption with those you love - good energy. Avoid doing business or fighting while you eat please.

Friday 27 Mar 09...Giving thanks before we eat; places the energy transfer from the food to our bodies in the best way possible. Divine energy

Thursday 26 Mar 09...As we eat; the magic of the energy transfer continues, the plants/animals are broken down and actually become us. When we think deeply about this it is an over whelming miracle.

Wednesday 25 Mar 09...The energy of food begins with how the seeds were planted, the smiles as the small plants grow and the thankfulness at harvest.

Tuesday 24 Mar 09...Are you ready to plant your garden? Do you compost/recycle? If not - why not?

Monday 23 Mar 09...Success is the ability to visualize the future while living fully in the present moment.

Sunday 22 Mar 09...People can look at you and know what you value - make sure it is what you want.

Saturday 21 Mar 09...It is important to have "non productive" time each day. Just be.

Friday 20 Mar 09...Eat seasonal food which is grown close to where you live. Change your diet with the seasons.

Thursday 19 Mar 09...The first physicians were philosophers and highly spiritual leaders. Expect the same from your physician today.

Wednesday 18 Mar 09...Give thanks for something in nature today - animal - vegetable - mineral.

Tuesday 17 Mar 09...Dreams dwell in the hidden places of the soul. Where dreams release they connect us energetically.

Monday 16 Mar 09...dream of real possibilities - then action it. Fantasize for run and creative pursuit. Perhaps fantasies can become dreams...what do you think?

Sunday 15 Mar 09...Surround yourself with pictures/images of what brings you peace.

Saturday 14 Mar 09...What do you want to be your legacy? "I remember ______ she/he did/was_____.

Friday 13 Mar 09...How would you be different if the worry went away or the feared consequences had no power?

Thursday 12 Mar 09...What do you worry about? And try to write out the why.

Wednesday 11 Mar 09...What are your ethical standards? List 4 or 5 main ones.

Tuesday 10 Mar 09...Now - what are you passionate about? Short response - 1 or 2 sentences please.

Monday 09 Mar can make others think what you want about you - but you must believe it first, what do you want them to believe?

Sunday 08 Mar 09...Let's spend this week making some personal evaluations. It is helpful to do something like this once a year or so. Because we change - and that is OK - probably good. If a stranger sees you on the street - what would be their first thought?

Saturday 07 Mar 09...Honor the work you do now - but make a plan to pursue what you really love and action it.

Friday 06 Mar 09...Tap lightly on your sternum just mid-line between your nipples - Emotional Freedom Technique will calm you and spread natural energy to heal you.

Thursday 05 Mar 09...Eat small amounts of good food often - be a snacker, grazer and your emotions will be more even.

Wednesday 04 Mar 09...Each day and in every way - breathe with your diaphragm. Do not get flustered at stop lights or standing in line. It is an opportunity to practice good breath.

Tuesday 03 Mar 09...Sometimes we are affected by caustic environmental issues and torrid weather conditions. We are protective animals with brain centers programmed to "run" if there is threat. So just know that your primitive brain is protecting you.

Monday 02 Mar 09...Imagine what you fear the most (being alone) (being in pain) and now make a plan for what you would do if that came to pass. Then relax.

Sunday 01 Mar 09...We are influenced by everything - notice the sounds in your environment, the smells, the lighting. Try to reduce toxins and create a calm surrounding for your health.

Saturday 28 Feb 09...Question everything you say. As times change, so should our beliefs, with few exceptions. Core ethical standards of truth, honesty, respect, etc. should remain the foundation for enduring cultural evolution. You are a part of our current evolution - honor your part please

Friday 27 Feb 09...Take this time of economic downturn to reclaim simple times to know your child/know your family again. Cook a meal together - division of labor.

Thursday 26 Feb 09...The beautiful thing about the parent - child relationship is the parent grows as well. Do you agree?

Wednesday 25 Feb 09...The beautiful thing about the parent - child relationship is that the parent does not have to give footnotes for their beliefs. The child just trust the parent for truth. Did you ever hear "because I said so!"?

Tuesday 24 Feb 09...Everyday you have the chance to be a positive or negative influence on someone. Your actions will multiply.

Monday 23 Feb 09...Chew your food well - eat slowly and enjoy- Eating is a blessing and the ability to taste is a gift. Treasure it.

Sunday 22 Feb 09...Plan on some play time each - it could be virtual - we are changed by what we think.

Saturday 21 Feb 09...Meditation by belly breath will help you to be calmer, lower blood pressure, and even out blood sugar.

Friday 20 Feb 09...Breath is automatic and yet we are able to modify it for our benefit. Use your belly muscles instead of your chest to breathe. Your diaphragm’s movement is good for your organs.

Thursday 19 Feb 09...We take better care of our cars than our bodies and yet the cars are replaceable. Why do we minimize maintenance until something is broken?

Wednesday 18 Feb 09...Our bodies are such miracles - give thanks for your sight today.

Tuesday 17 Feb 09...Automatic thoughts - if you immediately jump to a conclusion, you might consider why you have that thought.

Monday 16 Feb 09...Life is short. Cherish those around you...take time to listen.

Sunday 15 Feb 09...If we are kind to others who have no influence on us - the rest will be easy.

Saturday 14 Feb 09...When we are done with this transition - how will we be different/better?

Friday 13 Feb 09...What is a life well spent? Is yours?

Thursday 12 Feb 09...When a dream becomes reality - where does the dream energy go?

Wednesday 11 Feb 09...We only understand our world based on prior experiences - broaden your world and understand more.

Tuesday 10 Feb 09...If you know yourself - you can apply it to others. It does not happen in reverse.

Monday 9 Feb 09...Every time I think I "know" something - the "knowing" has brought me to a place I see it better and differently. This is endless.

Sunday 8 Feb 09...Put your heart value in those "things" that cannot be "taken" from you - ethics and people.

Saturday 7 Feb 09...It is always preferred to eat the foods you need instead of supplements. But you need 1,000 units of Vit D daily.

Friday 06 Feb 09...Integrate your world. When you are already warm from your bath, stretch down to dry your feet. Yoga bathing.

Thursday 05 Feb 09...If you feel you are getting sick listen to your body. Take things slower. Don't push your yourself but keep moving. Eat bland foods. Remember the BRAT diet. Bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. Keep yourself well hydrated with teas or water. Think - "my body is healing itself."

Wednesday 04 Feb 09...Prevention is the key to ward off viruses or flu...wash your hands with soap and water frequently. Do not touch your eyes or nose with your hands. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Get 15 minutes of sunshine each day. Take a walk. Add things to your diet which stimulate your immune system. Garlic, onions, ginger, oregano, yogurt, cumin, cinnamon, tumeric, green tea.

Tuesday 03 Feb 09...Reconsider what you are doing to make money. Does it fit with you ethical standards and benefit others?

Monday 02 Feb 09...Take time today and several times a week to groom your pet. They are a blessing in our lives.

Sunday 01 Feb 09...Are you practicing deep breath, smiling at strangers and eating foods that are colorful? Now - after your warm bath or shower - thank the parts of your body as you dry yourself. You are all good.

Saturday 31 Jan 09...Count your blessing at night instead of counting sheep to sleep. It is a good use of time and causes you to relax.

Friday 30 Jan 09...Am I; do you repeat yourself? Maybe that is OK - because we emphasize what is important. Don't criticize yourself please.

Thursday 29 Jan 09...I expect you are sitting right now - roll your shoulders - roll your neck gently. Lower your shoulders. Be aware of where you hold tension and let it go.

Wednesday 28 Jan 09...So many things in our lives seem so complex. Try to see the true/simple themes within what is complex. For example: all colors come from 3 primary colors - our world is made of basics like primary colors.

Tuesday 27 Jan 09...Gently tap on your chest - between your nipples - this stimulates your thymus gland and heals you.

Monday 26 Jan 09...When your heart speaks - listen

Sunday 25 Jan 09...Our memories are actually chemical changes in our brain that become who we are. Make memories good.

Saturday 24 Jan 09...The contrasts of life help us appreciate more. Sweet/sour, light/dark, hot/cold, depression/ecstasy

Friday 23 Jan 09...It is just enough to be; you do not always have to do.

Thursday 22 Jan 09...Eat the colors of the rainbow. Avoid white foods, like refined sugar, bleached flour and processed foods.

Wednesday 21 Jan 09...Genius resides in the land of the imagination. The more you exercise imagination the stronger the skill becomes. Thought growth parallels muscle development.

Tuesday 20 Jan 09...The minute you notice yourself having a judgmental thought - stop it -and know that you will then receive less judgment.

Monday 19 Jan 09... Accept a new challenge today and have the courage to do your best - this will allow additional opportunity for new challenges.

Sunday 18 Jan 09... Worry less about time and make less time available to worry

Saturday 17 Jan 09... Do you remember the song entitled “Don’t worry, be happy”? This seemed trite when I was young and it first came out. Now it may be just that simple. Worry and all of its sequeli makes us sick (infection, elevated blood pressure, frown lines on our face.)

Friday 16 Jan 09... Look for opportunity in adversity. Just when you are saying to yourself “what is this all about?” – Say “show me the golden benefit in this please” – and take a deep breath.

Thursday 15 Jan 09... In these hard challenging economic times, have you noticed that we turn to and rely upon friends/family more? If not - try it. Stay home- live lean - invite others to your home

Wednesday 14 Jan 09... I often ask myself. How can I make this easier? Simplify as much as you can. Organize; become more efficient. This will create time; and therefore more life....Simplify

Tuesday 13 Jan 09... I was getting soy milk our of the fridge this morning for my cereal. I looked past the clutter in the fridge (all good food) and gave thanks for having soy milk this morning...walk the walk

Monday 12 Jan 09... Know that you are not alone - look into someone's eyes today and smile. Say thank you and really mean it. We are all in this thing called life - together

Sunday 11 Jan 09... Somethings are always good - like the sun coming up...what are you thinking of also that is always Good ?

Saturday 10 Jan 09...Right Now - think about how to be more conservative with one thing. Use powdered milk, walk to work, bake your own bread.

Friday 09 Jan 09...Intention life takes practice. We are not trained for this in the U.S. Do not criticize yourself for not knowing because the judgment only makes you more judgmental.

Thursday 08 Jan 09...STOP AND THINK BEFORE - Think before you act. Think Before you Talk. Think what ramifications your energy will have. Consider that a large portion of what you do is wasteful and hurtful....words that are just to fill the washers run 1/2 full....driving to the store for one item.

Wednesday 07 Jan 09...Now after just 2 days of body practice - your cortisol is lower/blood pressure better, and friends are saying that you look younger - your spirit improves by practice and intention. Love your body - Love yourself.

Tuesday 06 Jan 09...Breath - the essence of life. The last one will be the last thing you do. Use your lungs to their fullest - deep to the base of the lung - exhale with "letting go" - easy exhalation - release tension. On the hour, ears back, walk tall, breathe deep.

Monday 05 Jan 09...We are what we eat - yes, but we are really what we think. Thinking sad - furrowed brow years of stress. Hold your ears back ( it will tighten your face and put a pleasant look on your face) On the hour today - think "ears back", walk tall and soon it will be you - your habit.

Sunday 04 Jan 09...Think about the many ways you move - work, play, exercise, moving during sleep. Be intentional in all of your movements. Walk tall - hold head high; belly in. play with proper equipment - shoes/helmets. Sleep with a good mattress and pillow for your neck alignment. Keep moving - keep living.

Saturday 03 Jan 09...I like to see how people react when I smile at them. Have you tried this?

Friday 02 January 2009...Seems like more people are believing in intention than ever before. This is really the core of our reality. Whatever we say or do must be lead by the correct intention or it can be misperceived as something not intended. When you are cooking, put a positive intention in the food. When you are walking, see nature around you. When you are loving, be with your loved one. These moments are all we really have. What do you think?

Thursday 01 Jan 2009 New Years Day...I awoke this morning and tried to remember other New Year’s days of my life. The ones that come to mind are times that are rituals, special events and noteworthy experiences in nature (like a big snow). As much as we can, let’s create more quality memories this year. All in all, we end up as the composite of our memories and thoughts. We come into this world with no memories (most believe) and only have our thoughts in the end. What a beautiful opportunity to create who we are. Are you?

Wednesday 31 December 2008
New Years Eve

Two years ago – I resolved to create and accomplish a “Delta Walk!” My Maker was promised this. Then I was given a walk, so to speak, with my Mother instead. I asked for life enrichment while benefiting others – I was given much more than I asked for….just ask

Tuesday 30 December 2008

The process (recurrent theme) of making your resolutions is as important as your resolutions themselves. Are they to better you? Your community? To please a loved one? What will change when you do? Really?

Monday 29 December 2008

Considering mind – body – spirit philosophy, we often will talk about the spirit last – but indeed it is the first consideration and then all else follows naturally – more easily…Really?

Sunday 28 December 2008

Today on "Speaking of Faith", the concept was about the importance of community. The process and engagement of others is actually the object of the action. The outcome has less merit than the process. The prior predicts the latter...what has been your experience?

Saturday 27 December 2008

I have heard from so many of my friends that they are “preparing” to resolve in 2009. I wonder why today is not the day to start the recovery place? If you delay – you really aren’t invested in the change – try not to continuously disappoint yourself. It builds resentment within.

Friday 26 December 2008

OK – so if you didn’t like December 25 – create security now for next year. Here is the blessing – you do have the power to be different or you can just complain about what you don’t like…as you grow – so will your loved ones.

Thursday 25 December 2008 Christmas Day

For God so loved the world that he gave his son...This day tell someone you love them and each day for the entire year tell someone new that you love them. Walk this walk and let me know how you do…

Wednesday 24 December 2008 Christmas Eve

Think like a child – anticipate what you want (create it in your mind) – fill the image with all your senses (smell, sight, sound, touch)...It will come true – but be careful of what you wish for.

Tuesday 23 December 2008

Many in my community are more stressed this season of giving because they have less to spend on gifts. What a wonderful opportunity to give some “time” – just meet for tea; tell them you will hold them in your thoughts each day; or invite them to your house of worship. What a great gift…What do you think?

Monday 22 December 2008

On “Speaking of Faith” yesterday – I heard the discussion about good works vs. good thoughts (pure heart). We also can consider intentions vs. actions, how do we learn about anyone except by their actions. If Moses or Christ or Muhammad didn’t express themselves, they would still be unknown. I believe we become (manifest) our most inner selves and the more practical we become the more we exclude negative thought… What do you think?

Sunday 21 December 2008

Winter Solstice – The shortest day and something my mom hated. And yet she would say “I’m glad that’s behind us now”! Let’s take this as an opportunity to reclaim all we have neglected when the light was plentiful. As the days grow longer, each will unveil new blessings – out of the darkness we will emerge stronger – more resilient in these times of trial. Together, in community, we will prevail – come – walk with me. What are YOU thinking?

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