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Posted on Wednesday, July 22 @ 07:28:11 EDT by dhf

Posts from Jill

Wednesday July 1, 2009
I hope that last months' review of "The Power of Now" was helpful. This month I've chosen "You Are What You Think" by David Stoop, Ph.D. It is a quick and stimulating read if you want to get your own copy as I write my daily "tid bits". Remember: Enduring change comes in small steps.

Thursday July 2, 2009
We experience these basic emotions: love, anger and fear. Each of these has movement and direction.

Friday July 3, 2009
Love is the emotion that moves us toward someone or something.

Saturday July 4, 2009
The movement of anger is not only toward but also against some one or something. Anger is a separating emotion.

Sunday July 5, 2009
The movement of fear is always away from someone or something.

Monday July 6, 2009
Anger and fear, emotions that are opposite in direction. They are reactions to a threat.

Tuesday July 7, 2009
In what area of your life would you like to give up anger and fear but get more love?

Wednesday July 8, 2009
Epictetus, "Men are disturbed, not by things, but by the view they take of them"!

Thursday July 9, 2009
Our thoughts create our emotions...our thoughts affect our behavior.

Friday July 10, 2009
We create change in our lives by gaining control of our thoughts.

Saturday July 11, 2009
We all talk to ourselves, sometimes out loud, but most of the time in the privacy of our minds. The result is always the same - the things we say determine the way we live our lives.

Sunday July 12, 2009
Parenting is difficult, never perfect so forgive your parents and yourself right now.

Monday July 13, 2009
No matter how deep the hurt, we can all change - that is the beauty of being human.

Tuesday July 14, 2009
Adults who had their personal boundaries violated as a child often develop thought patterns in which they blame themselves for what happened.

Wednesday July 15, 2009
What words or thought patterns have you caught yourself saying or thinking that are "just like mom or dad"?

Thursday July 16, 2009
"Do you do well to be angry?" Jonah 4:4

Friday July 17, 2009
Anger is the killer emotion. To deny or be unaware of anger not only wears us out emotionally, it wears us down physically, leaving us vulnerable to all kinds of diseases.

Saturday July 18, 2009
Depression is anger turned inward. It is a universal experience from every culture and country.

Sunday July 19, 2009
Some cultures do not believe in guilt because blame comes fromo forces of evil and not fromo self. No self-blame then no guilt.

Monday July 20, 2009
If you are doing anything you are ashamed of - stop it now and give up the guilt.

Tuesday July 21, 2009
Depression is both genetic and behavioral. The unhealthy behavior allows the depression genes to turn on and resist turning off. Even if you do not believe it - act healthy, think healthy and you will grow towards health.

Wednesday July 22, 2009
Self talk lifts self concept or drags it down. You are what you believe.

Thursday July 23, 2009
If you resist changing your self talk then try singing good thoughts - you will notice it will be easier to be positive.

Friday July 24, 2009
1. Do Something - no matter how small
2. Take Care of yourself
3. Change the distortions in your self-talk
4. Refocus
5. Limit the depressive symptoms
6. Break the pattern of isolation

Saturday July 25, 2009
Confront yourself as if you loved yourself.

Sunday July 26, 2009
Worry is an attempt to control the future. Guilt is an attempt to reshape the past. Anxiety is an attempt to control the now.

Monday July 27, 2009
Decide to change; work on your mouth; verbalize your faith and trust not your doubts and worries.

Tuesday July 28, 2009
Live "as if" you were at peace.

Wednesday July 29, 2009
Re-frame the stress in your life...make it a blessing.

Thursday July 30, 2009
The mind controls the body - now control your mind.

Friday July 31, 2009
Rejoice always! Thessalonians 5:16

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