5 Healing Affirmations for the Mind, Body and Soul
Date: Thursday, December 19 @ 00:00:00 EST
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Life's Bitter Sweetness

via Carolyn Riker

#1. I will no longer invite, encourage, or collaborate with those who are abusive.

This comes in different forms. It can easily be disguised as charming and intelligent but most likely it is laced with an acid of control and manipulation; cunning and deceitfulness. It is the same place that fertilizes shame. It is a petri dish exploding with an undefinable toxic growth – the clippings are shredded and unearthed as a self-perpetuating prison.

I will look past the veneer and seek genuine and solid. The eyes are a tunnel into truth, reflecting a gateway to the heart.

    “For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.” ~ Audrey Hepburn

#2.  I will apply the antidote of love.

It is injected as a universal form of self-acceptance and self-nurturing. I will push aside my critical self-talk, “You are being selfish to take care of your needs!” Instead I will embrace my words, “It is imperative to have self-care and self-love!”

I will deftly use clarifying tools to center and ground me. I will dry-brush and soak in salty waters to rinse away residual bad vibes. I will nurture myself with grounding energy. I will meditate and stretch to keep a flow between my heart and mind.

#3. I will respect my sensitive, empathic side and listen to my intuition.

What doesn’t seem right most likely isn’t. I acknowledge my need for quiet and I will honor that space.
Solitude is as necessary as the air I breathe; like sprinkles of powder sugar to lightly sweeten the sensations of a sunrise or the exhilarating rapture of a full moon.

#4. I will not race to the next destination but I will work through the process.

An awareness of the progression is golden. Seeing the layers unwrap, unfold and develop to where I am now gives me such gratitude. The joy of living is because I see the hummingbird resting on a slight branch above a leaf. I see between the ordinary and feel between a light breeze. I sense joy from a tiny snail to the roar of the sea.

#5.  I will push aside the words of doubt and negativity – especially my own and of others.

I will not dwell in the past or let the vampires of the present suck my life force. My boundaries are pliable but not weak. My body is my vessel and a cherished space. I won’t accept visitations of darkness, my door is closed. The side and backdoor are my heart and I will always welcome those who respect me as I will respect those who radiate heart-light.

I chose a beacon and a vision: Venus and the Moon balancing kindness, love and an emotional tide of seeing what is my work and what is someone else’s issues.

I can’t fix you and you can’t fix me but we can learn together.

    “The universal intelligence that resides within us is connected to all that is and all that will be and knows exactly what we need…to evolve and grow to reach the magnificence of our own unique self. This universal intelligence guides us to attract the people who are perfectly suited to help us experience the exact incidents and feelings we need…”   ~ Debbie Ford

I will turn life’s bittersweet irritations into a soft opalescent pearl and the pressures into a rare blue-green diamond.

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