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 We had an AMAZING first Delta Wholeness Sail! December 10 - 17, 2019. 

What an amazing group of young women! Bryanna was this years winner from Atrium HealthCare's Fellows Training Program. She invited 3 of her friends to join us. By the end of the week we felt like family!

Our days were filled with morning yoga, meditation, auricular acupressure, reflexology, EFT Taping (Emotional Freedom Technique) and one of the favorites...The morning Wisdom Quotes! We would each draw a quote for the day, then have discussion about the meaning. 

We sailed, snorkeled, kayaked and went paddleboarding. Had lots of good meals, and great conversations. Thank you ladies for all the memories and making our first sail wonderful!


Comments about the sail! 

My experience on the Delta Health sail was quite difficult to put into words. While communication regarding overall planning was impeccable, I still didn’t know quite what to expect from the journey. I had the blessing of being able to bring two of my dearest friends, but left with a family. It was of the most introspective, transformative and inspirational trips of my life. As a “caregiver” I often find myself slacking when it comes to my own self care. Being able to actually practice what I preach and really notice the difference that even the smallest change made in my mood, energy, outlook and ability to give AND receive love and support, was truly life changing. I can’t thank Dr. Jill, Mama Long and Captain Auntie Jaye enough for this opportunity. One of my favorite parts was our “Wisdom Quotes of the Day” and you know that famous Gandhi quote about “being the change you wish to see in the world”? Well, Delta Health is a living example of just that...everyday. So much love for you all. Thank you for an experience of a lifetime, and sharing all of your wisdom, love and compassion. Sincerely, Bryanna


The trip with Delta Health was one that I will be reflecting upon for a very long time.  Not only was the opportunity to live on a boat for a week and sail through beautiful caribbean waters phenomenal, but also to learn, practice, and live wellness among a group of amazing souls.  The energy of the crew was contagious and truly made the experience.  I loved sharing community meals, reflecting on wisdom quotes at sunrise with a cup of coffee, and laughing…continuous laughter.  I left this trip with overwhelming gratitude and feel re-energized to implement a wellness thread throughout my daily life.

I wanted to let you and Dr. Hendra know! I did an energy healing session yesterday and used EFT - was incredible!

Miss you all! Take care, L


We had a last-minute cancelation and Kellie was able to join us....



Wow! Thanks Kellie...I am so glad you were able to come on the sail! It is great reliving memories of the Delta Wholeness Sail! Big love, peace and blessings to you!



Delta Health was my greatest blessing of 2019. I was a last minute addition to the journey... I'm talking a Sunday night flight purchase, Monday after work packing session, Tuesday you're in the air type last minute addition! I am the kind of person who likes to study the "suggested items to pack" list, or memorize the agenda/timeline, as well as any other detail shared prior to a trip. Since I signed up on a whim, I couldn't do any of that and had trust that the opportunity would unfold organically. The trip did in fact unfold organically and it felt as if I were always a part of the list of expected attendees. The crew quickly went from kind hosts to close mentors and friends. We experienced delicious meals, endless laughs, constant adventure, and pure beauty of the open ocean and sky. From the sunsets, the full moon, and shooting stars, to the sunrises and crystal blue waters... it felt like the universe had been our personal travel agent - planning the perfect weather day in and out. We kayaked in the Exuma Cays, we meditated at the front of the catamaran, we slipped into early slumbers practicing Yoga Nidra, and shared stories of our lives. I left this experience feeling inspired and arrived home a better person, more compassionate and gentle with myself. This trip came at a time in my life when I needed it most. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have joined, to have met these women, and for the lessons and memories I am left with. Thank you, thank you, thank you!



So much love for you, Loree! XO!!





 Delta has a new Wellness Education Initiative!

“Delta Wholeness Wheel”

Contact Loree Long for more info

704-560-0633 -

In partnership with Fishing for a Cure, Emerald Isle NC, we were scheduled October 2018 to launch our Delta Wholeness Wheel Experience. Due to Hurricane Florence, we had to delay until October 2019.

We were sad about the delay however, in the meantime, Dr. Hendra was asked to provide a wellness component to Atrium HealthCare’s Psychiatry Residency Training Program. We agreed the Delta Wholeness Wheel would be a great way to teach the students and continue our Wheel Experience! This is a brief description of how it works.

This experience is paced education modules with individual & group process and mostly unstructured because life is that way

We suggest that you journal for 10 minutes each morning, before or after you ‘sit’ for 10 minutes

On the Wholeness Tab of this website there is an audio introduction to the ‘wheel’.  You can check this out to see the components of the wheel

This experience is de-constructed to allow focus on 9 important aspects of healthy behavior Sleep…Eat…Think…Move…Breathe…Body Care…Environment…Social…Priorities

6 people will meet by video conference at the start of each module for about one hour

During your 3 weeks of study with each module; we are available for direction/explanation by phone

Your group will meet by video conference at the close of each module for about one hour

After completion of the modules, there will be a drawing or selection process for 2 people to practice a “Well Week” sailing with a partner/spouse/support person

Our first group sets sail December 2020!


Delta Health Foundation was born from an inheritance Jill Hendra received from her Aunt "Bert"  

Aunt Bert died of breast cancer. She had a lump in her breast the size of a grapefruit when she died. She did not own her own healthcare. Generations ago, providers had all the power. 

Knowing this, and wanting to make a "difference" Jill used the money to start Delta Health, to help others take control of their own health and wellness.

The Delta Health Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization that promotes wellness education through a balanced integration of conventional and complementary methods.

The dream of the Delta Health Foundation is that individuals feel empowered to make their own health care decisions a part of their life-long personal wellness journeys. To do that we provide an open-minded, credible environment for individuals to gain knowledge of traditional and alternative healing methods including approaches to integrating body, mind and spirit. Through education we provide processes for people to sift through an otherwise overwhelming amount of information to make wellness decisions with confidence.

Our hope is that people will enjoy a better quality of life and improve and experience life transitions with greater ease. Through our promotional efforts and partnerships with like-minded organizations we share their wisdom and reach out to diverse communities.To realize our dreams, Delta Health Foundation has a financial base built from individual donations, grants and affordable fees for our educational programs. We are committed to the values of integrity, honesty, respect, and credibility.


What does Delta offer?

  • Wellness education and a holistic healing environment that promotes lifestyle changes to help reduce stress, depression, obesity and chronic illness.
  • A Proving Ground for Health Recovery/Growth
  • "Care for the Caregiver" retreats, sails and seminars for Nurses, APP's, Physicians, Therapists, Clergy, anyone who is a caregiver.
  • Healthy Cooking Classes
  • Family/Group process
  • Corporate Team Building Retreats
  • Focus Seminars / Family Issues
  • Dinner Meetings (professional)

How can you help Delta?

  • Donations
  • Volunteers
  • Grant Writers
  • Input on our forums
  • Sharing your success stories!




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